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Resources You Need to Know If You Want to Teach Yourself Korean Buttercream Flower

I admit that self explanatory title is way too long but….isn’t that why you’re here in the first place? Anyway, if you’ve visited my blog before, I am 99% sure you’ve visited this post here and learn that I am a self-taught Korean Buttercream Flower cake decorator. When I started just a little over a year ago there was not a lot of information sharing on the topic. Everybody was being so hush-hush about it (especially on the buttercream recipe). Plus, buttercream flower tutorial available on YouTube were very limited to mostly roses, apple blossoms and chrysanthemums. So boring….uughhhh!!!!

However, fast forward today I am seeing a lot more people are willing to share. There are now abundance of buttercream flower tutorial on YouTube, from orchids, freesia, scabiosa, peony, you name it! So, I took the liberty to list down some resources you need to know if you want to teach yourself Korean buttercream flower – mostly YouTube channels and some Korean blogs. Use your Google Translate extension (if you’re a Google Chrome user) to get the pages on those blogs translated. I wish I knew about them when I was starting out because that would have been a great help and a major time saver!


My first few tries with buttercream rose back in April 2016 using tip #104. I watched a tutorial on Youtube for this.


  1. G.G.Cakraft She’s been doing tutorials for 2 years now but her old videos were in Korean, only recently she started posting tutorials with English subs.
  2. Olga Zaytseva I love her channel! She has the added value of not only how to pipe the flowers but also actually showing you how to do a certain buttercream flower design on a cake. Lovely!
  3. 전투적인그녀 Although she’s using bean paste, you can still adopt some piping method for buttercream. Unfortunately, it’s in Korean, no English subs.
  4. 멜데루케이크 99% of her tutorials are using bean paste. But there are a few tutorials buttercream flower. Recently she posted a video on colouring technique for bean paste. Just like G.G. Cakcraft, her old videos are in Korean, thank god the newer ones come with English subs. She’s open at taking requests too. I requested an orchid tutorial, and she made one! Very generous and kind lady. I like!!!

    July 2017, upgrading my roses to ‘realistic’ ones using tip #124K. I tried to teach myself how to pipe realistic rose with tip #124K but failed miserably. So in March 2017, I signed up for Lucia’s class, 3 months later – voila~~ realistic buttercream rose!

  5. Wilton I used to rely heavily on Wilton’s channel because it was the only channel that regularly post videos on buttercream flower tutorials. Nowadays, I don’t visit it that much anymore. Nevertheless, still a good resource if you’re learning.
  6. 하루꽃피는 Again, most of her videos are are on bean paste flower but she got a whole collection of ‘rarely seen tutorials’ – flowers like lotus, anthurium, hellebore, hyacinth, etc. Go check her out! Oh, her tutorials are in Korean and English.
  7. Naver Cafe? Now, this is a Korean blog. To be honest I have no idea what’s the name of the blog because my Google translate isn’t such a good job on that. But it got some useful video tutorials I thought you might want to look at.

So, you got your recipe here, FAQ here and tutorials up there. You have more than enough resources to start teaching yourself buttercream flowers. All that’s left is your determination and effort. Good luck! 🙂


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